Making the change to go vegan can be challenging on your own. Or perhaps you’re helping a friend who is thinking of going vegan in 2020? Here are some great resources to help you out:

The Top 8 Vegan Facebook Groups You Should Join in 2020:

🌿 Vegan Travel is used for planning trips to new places, and looking for recommendations, or to shout out gems that vegans have come across on their travels. Even if you aren’t planning a trip right now, it’s fantastic to see how much amazing vegan food is out there all across the world.

🥦 Rate My Vegan Food is all about NOT taking your food too seriously. No matter what you post, it will be ROASTED by at least a few of the group’s 20,000 members.

🌱 Extinction Rebellion Vegans! share posts and discuss activism on animal rights and the environment. Many passionate and dedicated members here.

Closer to home, there 🥬 Vegan Cambodia, 🥑 Veg in Phnom Penh (founded by yours truly in 2012).

If you happen to be traveling nearby, check out 🥗 Vegetarians & Vegans in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and 🍓 VGang Meetups Saigon, as well as 🍊 Vegans of Bangkok, for tips on the best places to eat and maybe meet some vegan locals!

The Top 7 Vegan Facebook Pages You Should Follow in 2020:

Facebook pages! Seeing posts from these pages on your news feed will help you stick to your commitment and remind you that you made the right choice, even on a day when you’ve had to overexplain your choice to be vegan one too many times.

🍅 LIVEKINDLY posts thought-provoking content on compassionate living.

🌽 VegNews focuses on exciting new vegan products, vegan celebrities, and coverage of veganism in the news.

🥥 Kaivegan is an activist page from the Philippines and posts eloquently written personal thoughts as well as catchy memes.

Besides Facebook, there is the 🍉HappyCow Vegan Guide app, which lists and rates vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly eateries, including reviews from app users.

Also check out 🍍 Vegan Food Quest and their website for luxury vegan experiences, and 🥭 Epic Animal Quest‘s website to follow the adventures of a nomad vegan family.

And did you know PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have a volunteer mentor program where you can sign up to get a coach to help you on your vegan journey? Check it out here

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