Where to Stay in Phnom Penh: Guide to Unique Areas Around Phnom Penh

||Where to Stay in Phnom Penh: Guide to Unique Areas Around Phnom Penh

In Phnom Penh, there are many options for your holiday or living arrangements. The city is vast with many distinct neighborhoods, each presenting its own type of feel.

That’s presumably the best part of being here. Everywhere you go in this city, you get the impression of being somewhere new. The feeling of excitement and wonder is something that is ever present in all of Cambodia. For those that truly expect adventure unlike anything they have ever known, there really is only one place to go. That is Cambodia, and to a more direct point, Phnom Penh. Here are some of the best areas to explore when you make the trek down to the “golden land”. We will help you find the best places to stay in Phnom Penh.


Hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia.

The Riverside area of Phnom Penh has many luxurious places to stay.

There are many things for you to enjoy in the Riverside area of Phnom Penh, especially if you are in the Tonle Sap. This is because of the wonders of the river itself and the community that sits beside it. If you are looking for a relaxing and picturesque location, you should book accommodation near Riverside. This is a place where you can find good hotels in Phnom Penh!

What You Can Enjoy at Riverside Phnom Penh

If you plan to travel around Phnom Penh or Cambodia as a whole, a Riverside tour at the Tonle Sap is something you should not miss. This is because of the things you can surely enjoy upon your visit here.

The Amazing Community

Riverside has a wonderful community. You can easily find almost everything you need, like restaurants, a night market, and hotels for you to stay. Various restaurants along Riverside offers local and international cuisines, thus you can surely find one that you will love. The night market also offers souvenirs, clothes, jewelry, and some other goods that you can use or bring back home.

Of course, a hotel near the Riverside could offer quality accommodation for you. You just have to choose which one is preferable for you and which one would fit your budget perfectly. Some of the best choices that you can have include the Mekong View Tower, the Bellevue Serviced Apartments, and Riverview Cambodia Boutique Hotel.

Appreciate the Tonle Sap

Your visit in Riverside would not be complete without appreciating the wonders of Tonle Sap. It is one of the biggest rivers of Asia and is a biodiversity hotspot with its rich and complex ecosystem. Moreover, the Tonle Sap reverses its flow each year, which is something you cannot miss.

You can appreciate the grand river by properly choosing where to stay in Phnom Penh. This should not be a problem since there are many hotel options along Riverside. Some can even provide you a great view on the river, offer access for a walk along the side of the river, or let you charter boating tours, which can last for hours.

Embrace the Local Traditions

You can also witness the rich tradition that is directly connected to the Tonle Sap. You can experience the Bon Oum Teuk or the Water Festival and the Seven-Headed Snake Festival, which is also called the Water and Moon Festival. You can even see the legendary canoe race on the river as well!

You just have to find the best hotel in Phnom Penh for you to make the most of your Riverside visit. Of course, you should book a hotel located along or somehow near the Tonle Sap!

Witness the Wonders of the Royal Palace of Cambodia

The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The Royal Palace, a must-see attraction for all visitors.

The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh is definitely the most important site of Cambodia. Unlike other political establishments, it involves a huge cultural, historical, and even archeological relevance for locals and tourists. Thus, you should definitely book accommodation nearby upon your Phnom Penh visit.

The Majestic Cambodian Royal Palace in Detail

Built in 1866 by King Preah Bat Norodom, the Royal Palace is a precious Cambodian treasure that was made according to precise specifications. Its geographical location, structure, and designs reflect the Cambodian tradition and culture. After all, it is the house of the King.

The Royal Palace consists of four areas that all have their designated purposes. Tourists are welcome in the palace to visit and appreciate the glorious wonders it holds.

Booking an Accommodation Near the Royal Palace

Of course, you should book a hotel near the Royal Palace to visit the historical place. However, there are additional reasons for you to do so, which can certainly help in helping you enjoy the most from your Phnom Penh tour.

If you stay in a hotel near the Royal Palace, this simply means you can easily visit the majestic place, witness the grand display of Cambodian heritage and marvel at the wonderful works of art and architecture. It also means that you will be staying near the riverside. You can enjoy the beauty of Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers, and experience the wonderful community surrounding it.

Key Location

The Royal Palace is located near other key establishments in the city. Some of the best hotels in Phnom are here! Just like the National Museum, that you can easily visit when you book near the palace. Moreover, you can also enjoy the night market and other shopping venues around the Royal Palace. You can go to restaurants as well, thus giving yourself a good chance to have a taste of the best Cambodian cuisines.

Thus, if you are thinking of where to stay in Phnom Penh, you should choose one of the best accommodations near the Royal Palace. Grab the chance to enjoy more of Cambodia without traveling long and far.

Tonle Bassac

Fishing homes on the Tonle Sap River, Cambodia

The many beautiful fishing houses on the Tonle Sap River.

Phnom Penh is home to amazing cultural, historical, traditional, and other important treasures of Cambodia. Though you are visiting the city most likely to appreciate its beauty, you should also definitely not miss the great upbeat fun while you are at it! Thus, you should include Tonle Bassac in your itinerary and look for quality accommodation in the area.

You Must See Tonle Bassac

Tonle Bassac is a small urbanized area sitting at the bank of Bassac River in the capital city of Cambodia. It has various locations for locals and tourists to enjoy, especially after it has gained such tremendous improvements these past years.

Restaurants and Eateries

Delicious local and western dishes, and even fusion of both, are among the many reasons why you should visit the unique region of Tonle Bassac. Whatever taste you have, you will certainly find what you are looking for at the different food and beverage establishments that are scattered across the area.

Tonle Bassac is definitely an ideal place to stay in for travel, since you can easily appreciate Cambodian cuisines here if you like. You can also have your western favorites as well. Thus, if food travel is one of your goals, staying somewhere located in or near Tonle Bassac is a wonderful decision to make.

Gaming and Entertainment

If you merely want to have a fun time, Tonle Bassac can offer you various options for it too. You can opt for a shopping spree if you like or visit one of the local gaming and entertainment centers in the area. You can easily have a great time while on your Cambodian tour.

Quality Accommodation

Tonle Bassac also has tons of quality and unique accommodations. You can choose from a wide range of hotels, like boutique hotels and luxury hotels. This is not just about location and proximity after all, as the hotels themselves also offer wonderful amenities for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Just simply book near Tonle Bassac before you visit. This will help you avoid any hassle upon arrival. Of course, you should choose a hotel that is perfect for your needs.Doing so will help you experience a wonderful fusion of western and Cambodian culture in a place that is truly unique in itself.

The Toul Tom Poung Market

Of course, you cannot visit Phnom Penh without bringing anything back home. You would love to purchase some pieces of local Cambodian stuff as well. Thus, you should not skip a visit to the Toul Tom Poung Market or the Russian Market.

Many Goods at the Toul Tom Poung Market

The Toul Tom Poung or the Russian Market is a commercial center located at a residential area in Phnom Penh. It is a vast area with dozens of sections for you to explore and is the perfect place for tourists to buy a gift during their visit.

Enjoy a Unique Shopping Spree

The Toul Tom Poung Market is known for being home to hundreds or even thousands of various products being sold in one place. However, they are divided into sections for buyers to easily look for things they need.

This is best area if you want to buy local products from Cambodia. Products from other countries are also available, though you might doubt their authenticity. Regardless, products in the Russian Market are extremely cheap, thus you do not have to worry too much about your wallet while shopping.

Street Food and Delicacies

Toul Tom Poung also has street food vendors around. If you want some snacks while you have fun with your shopping, you can easily spot one street food vendor and place your order.

Place to Stay and Relax

You can also easily find a hotel that is highly accessible from the Toul Tom Poung. There are a few hotels around the area, and you just have to choose where to stay for the night. Moreover, if you’ll stay in a hotel near the market, you can surely grab anything you need or want without too much hassle. After all, you just have to walk a short distance to it.

When you are planning to visit Toul Tom Poung, you should first know where to stay in Phnom Penh. It would be best if you’d book a hotel near the market for you to experience the great things it has.

Also, remember that the highway beside the Toul Tom Poung can become very busy, and it could be very hot at noontime. Thus, it would be best to visit the market early in the morning or late in the afternoon for convenience.

During the planning process for your visit, book the best hotel near Toul Tom Poung! By doing so, you will not miss fun shopping, while enjoying a different aspect of the Cambodian culture.

Diamond Island

Diamond island, Phnom Penh Cambodia

The very ambitious construction on Diamond Island.

Diamond island is an intriguing name to say the least. You might imagine a remote place with diamond mines, or an island where these precious stones are scattered on a beach.

However Diamond Island is very different. This is an island development zone located just where the Bassac river empties into the Mekong river. Diamond Island might have received its name from locals who wanted to make it sound beautiful. As there are almost certainly no diamonds around, you’ll have to ask your local guide the truth about this elegant name!

Cambodia might be completely different from all the places that you have visited before. This is a very unique country, with a rich culture that is sometimes not clear to strangers. With an open mind, you will definitely enjoy all aspects of your trip. There is no doubt that locals will treat you in the most friendly way. But sometimes, you just want to feel like you are home, especially after a trip full of exotic locations and experiences.

Diamond Island offers you such an opportunity. When you come from a trip from some rural region, you feel as if you are back to perhaps, old Europe. With its architecture, its environment and all the comfort that you can get there. Even the street names are European: Harvard street, Princeton Road and so on.

Casinos, shopping centers, entertainment centers – all looks like Europe or any other industrialized country. Even a replica of Arc de Triomphe is there! When you come to your hotel, you can enjoy an almost familiar view from the window of your suite, or a fully equipped apartment, or a hostel room – whatever you have selected to become your second home there, in the very heart of Cambodia. Then in the evening, you can go out to have a cup of coffee in one of the cafes on the river bank.

Cambodia is the place that can present you with unforgettable experiences. You might want to come back again and again because it is the place where dreams come true. Sometimes, you might believe, that you are in a fairy-tale. After that fairy-tale, you come home, in a familiar environment, filled with the comfort of a familiar place. If that sounds like a perfect travel scenario for you, visit Cambodia and book accommodation on Diamond Island.

Silk island

Silk Island Phnom Penh Cambodia

Silk Island brings many tourists from all over to buy their traditionally made silk products.

Are you thinking of a vacation abroad? What about going somewhere really far, to some exotic place? Just imagine how many unforgettable memories you will make and all the new adventures waiting for you!

When you visit Cambodia you realize, this is an amazing place. Take it from experienced travelers who swear that visiting the country will be the trip of your life. The only difficulty you will have is deciding what to see and where to go. Every step of the way is a new experience. There are plenty of options, especially if you want to try something special, something very traditional and unique. Silk island is one of the places that will offer you these experiences.

We would recommend you stay on Silk Island for a couple of reasons. First of all, this is an inexpensive and really amazing place to stay. There are plenty of accommodation options available, doesn’t matter if you come alone or with somebody. Food is served in the hotel restaurant, but you can find plenty of options around if you are out or feel like eating something really special.

Whatever the reason for your visit is, don’t forget to visit Silk Island or Koh Dach. They still make handmade silk there! Just imagine that you have a unique chance to see how the finest fabric in the world is made. You can check silkworms eating the leaves of the mulberry bush, how weavers spin the thread of silk, dye it, and, finally, a fine fabric is made.

However, silk isn’t the only thing to enjoy on Silk Island. Cambodian men and women wearing their traditional clothing, the peace and calm of rural life, amazing unique nature – those are the things that you cannot enjoy back in the capital city.

You can order a tuk-tuk trip if you want something inexpensive to take you there. However, bicycle tours are available as well. You can go alone or with your friends. Doesn’t matter what you select, you will enjoy your visit.

The air on Silk Island is filled with old memories from ancient times, and you feel that wherever you turn. While you are there, try to absorb as much as you can, because this small trip might become the biggest trip of your life, and the peace and joy that you get there will stay for long in your heart.

Boeung Keng Kang

If you are someone that adores discovering new places then Cambodia is a must to visit because you will find everything that you want there and more. You will plunge in a fairy-tale of unusual locations, you will taste local dishes, and smell local aromas. Plenty of new experiences are there waiting for you.

Cambodia amazes visitors with its traditions and rural life. However, if you come from a modern country it can all be overwhelming to take in. Finding a relaxing hotel nearby is key to be able to rest after a long day.

Just imagine that after a long a bicycle trip to a remote village or to Silk island, or anywhere else in the country. You come to your hotel or apartment and enjoy all the comfort of the civilized world. In the evening, you can go out on the street to have dinner in a luxurious restaurant or in a small café.

If you feel tired or just want to relax, there are plenty of spa salons at your service. Everything is at the highest level because Boung Kang Kong is meant to be an area for rich people, a luxurious area. If you want to feel like a millionaire, you should book accommodation in this part of Phnom Penh.

This is your chance, and you don’t need to have millions for that. The accommodation prices might be a little high, but you get the best options available.

One more reason to stay in Boung Kang Kong is the opportunity to select what you want to eat. There are plenty of options, starting from cheaper cafes and bars to fine restaurants where you can enjoy the most elaborate dishes. If you prefer cooking, you can find a number of shops that offer organic food too.

If you get tired of all that city fuss that is typical of Boung Kang Kong, you can take a bus, a taxi or a tuk-tuk and go to other places in Cambodia. Enjoy your next Cambodian adventure and then come back to the lifestyle you are used to. You will realize how refreshing everything looks and feels.

Wat Phnom

Wat Phnom is a historical Buddhist temple located in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. It translates to “hill temple”. The sacred sanctuary site is believed to have been built at around 1372. The site has been an important symbol of the city of Phnom Penh since then.

The temple Wat Phnom sits atop of a man-made hill that rises 27 meters from the ground (around 88 feet tall), overlooking the entire city. This makes the Wat Phnom the tallest religious structure within the city’s vicinity, making it a must-see attraction for travelers outside of Siem Reap.

The main entrance is through a grand staircase located east. It is adorned by a gallery of lions and a mythical serpent.The Vihara or temple sanctuary was restructured in the years 1434, 1806, 1894, and 1926. On the western side of the sanctuary, a mound-like structure known as a stupa contains the relics of the late King Ponhea Yat who ruled between 1405 – 1463.

Inside, you will notice a towering bronze Buddha statue that is surrounded by a multitude of other statues, items of devotion and worship, flowers, and candles. The entire area is designed with a central altar and walls that are beautifully adorned with murals of Jataka stories celebrating early reincarnations of Buddha before finding Nirvana. Some of the murals depict the Khmer version of Ramayana called Reamker. Either side of the entrance to the central altar stands statues of guardian spirits bearing iron bats. On the right of the statues are drawings of Confucius, including the sages Thang Cheng and Thang Thay. You can also find a museum in the northwestern corner of the complex containing historical artifacts.

The complex is dotted by beautiful gardens around the area that provide an enchanting respite from the city chaos and busy streets. The majestic location holds festivals and concerts and is the central ground for the annual New Year celebration.

The sanctuary is known to have undergone several rebuilding work in the 19th century and also in 1926. The French are known to have made significant improvements in the gardens during their colonization period. Pol Pot also made modifications and major restorations under the authority of the Khmer Rouge.

In today’s time, many believers flock to the site to pray for luck and good fortune. A petitioner usually returns to deliver offerings of thanks, such as garlands of jasmine flowers or bananas which they believed are pleasing to the spirits or deities. The area, however, can be a bit crowded with beggars and vendors selling drinks, birds for pets, and other stuff like souvenirs.

Russian Market

The outside area of Russian Market in Phnom Penh

The bustling Russian Market. The best place for souvenirs.

When it comes to souvenir shopping, nothing displays a wider and more diverse array of options than the Russian Market has. From handmade silk scarves to hand-carved statues, you have plenty of items to take home with you. It’s no surprise that its voted the most popular market by expats and tourists.

The Russian Market is located in Phnom Penh’s southern part. The locals call it Phsar Toul Tom Poung.

How did the Russian Market found its way to Phnom Penh?

During the 1980s, the market was quite popular among Russian expats, which is why it was aptly named as such. It’s not like you’ll find products from Russia or those made in Russia in the market, but the very reasons that made it popular among Russians continue to delight tourists and expats to this day.

From the outside, the market looks ordinary. But set foot between the aisles and you’ll discover a vast world of goods and hand made products.

It’s also a place for people who love to buy more for less. Dropped prices are the norm and haggling is all part of the shopping experience.Scour every section of the market and you’ll find something inherently different. You’ll be impressed by all the things you will find there and your bargaining skills will be challenged.

Like any market however, the Russian Market has its share of branded items whose authenticity no one can certify. But go elbow deep in your search and your sure to find originals from Gap, Calvin Klein, and other big brands.

When hunger attacks because you’ve been shopping like crazy, street food vendors are just within reach. What is even better than the mouth-watering treats is the unbelievably low prices.

The best time to visit the Russian Market is early morning when the climate is cooler and more tolerable. It can get stifling when the sun is up and bright. You should also allocate 1 to 2 hours of exploration.

Where to Stay Near the Russian Market

Since earlier is better when shopping at this market, you may want to book a room nearby. There are several options available.

  • Double Leaf Boutique Hotel
  • iRoHa Garden Hotel & Resort
  • Ny Ka Smy Hotel
  • Regal Home Guesthouse
  • Rambutan Resort – Phnom Penh
  • E&V Apartment

While Cambodia may not be as well known internationally as nearby Thailand or Vietnam. It is arguably the best place to experience the adventures that many tourists are yearning for. Cambodia has done a much better job at retaining the things that make it famous. The historical sites, the culture, and the attractions.

When you visit Phnom Penh in Cambodia, it truly feels like the best SE-Asia has to offer is all there for you. The tours are amazing, the food is exotic and delicious, but most importantly, the history and the culture are still there. With the ancient structures and temples, it is just as much a religious place as it is a city.

Any trip to this part of the globe has to include Phnom Penh. It simply would be unforgivable to skip this ancient country. Cambodia was a massive figure in the history and development of this region and that legacy is present in every brick and stone that makes up the gorgeous marvels of ancient architecture. We’ll be here when you find your way to us. If you like what you see, visit YK Art House in Phnom Penh!

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